Schroth Method

Scoliosis Exercises

The Scroth Method of specific scoliosis exercises were designed to help un-wind and strengthen the spine to stop the progression and correct abnormal curvatures of the spine.

Before we discuss the Schroth method, let’s talk a bit about scoliosis curvatures. Scoliosis is a disorder that causes abnormal curving of our spine. Although an x-ray shows a side to side curvature of the spine, in reality a three dimensional look at scoliosis it is really more like a corkscrew.

Most of scoliosis cases are idiopathic (have unknown cause), but one of the central features of almost all cases of scoliosis is an abnormality of the balance of muscles in the back. In scoliosis the muscles on inside of the curvatures of the scoliosis are shortened and weakened while the muscles on the other side of the back become over worked and strained as a result of trying to keep the spine up from the forces of gravity.

This means that in most cases the muscles on the inside of the curvature need to be lengthened and strengthened to relieve the strain to the overworked muscles on the opposite side. In order to do this specific unilateral exercises are needed to be performed into the direction of correction and avoided into the direction that worsens the curvatures.

The Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise is a specific unilateral physiotherapeutic exercise program aimed in preventing scoliosis from worsening and in many cases causing improvement in the curvatures. This method uses isometric exercises to lengthen and strengthen the specific shortened muscles, especially the back and thoracic muscles of the body with scoliosis. The focus of a Schroth exercise is to stop the progression of the curve, reduce or eliminate the pain, improve and maintain posture for the rest of your life, partly or in some cases wholly reverse the abnormal curvatures of the spine. This has the ability to increase vital lung capacity and if used as part of a comprehensive scoliosis program it can help a person avoid a major scoliosis surgery.

The problem with scoliosis is that often it is not detected or managed during its early stages. Which means that over time the spine causes the rib cage to flatten on one side while forming a hump on the other side that it can compromise the lungs and the heart making it hard for the person to breath normally. In a Schroth method of scoliosis exercises a person is taught specific exercises to strength and lengthen only the weakened portions of the body and help restore it’s functional postural balance. The method or exercise provides the patient enough knowledge about his anatomy so that he knows what to do and how to control it. Patient’s compliance is vital with this exercise because without the patient’s full control, this will be unsuccessful.

The basis of the correction of the spine is to restore the balance and relationship between the pelvis, rib cage, shoulder girdle and head. The Schroth method first addresses imbalances of the pelvis of the patient with 5 corrections. The method focuses specific breathing exercises that help de-rotate and elongate the spine by the means of these highly specific exercise plans.

This means that every patient gets his very own Schroth exercise program since no two scoliosis cases are quite the same.

A big part of the Schroth Method of scoliosis exercise is the directional breathing techniques that help restore proper function of the flattened areas and to de-rotate the spine. The breathing exercise helps the patient control his thoracic muscles to increase lung vital capacity.

Used as an important part of a comprehensive scoliosis treatment program  Schroth scoliosis exercises can help stop the progression of the curvatures and in many cases help reverse them.

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