Scoliosis Treatment in Phoenix

Alternative Scoliosis Treatment in Phoenix

Alternatives to scoliosis surgery  now available in Phoenix Arizona that include Schroth Method of scoliosis exercises, SpineCor Dynamic scoliosis brace and more.

If you have just been told that you or your child needs scoliosis surgery and you are doing research on alternative scoliosis treatment then you will want to read this post very carefully as it could save you or your child from undergoing a long and grueling surgery.

Discover the 5 most important elements a successful comprehensive scoliosis treatment program for both children and adults entails before you choose a doctor. Here are some key elements to look for when considering what type of scoliosis treatment is best for you or your child.

5 Things to Look for When Considering Scoliosis Treatment Alternatives

1. Providers Are Certified Specialist Non- Surgical Scoliosis Treatment

Since you are facing the prospect of scoliosis surgery (or maybe you were even turned down for surgery) you want to make sure that the doctors you treat with are certified specialist in the treatment of scoliosis.

Our doctor’s were among the first to become Certified Providers of the SpineCor brace for the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Over the years they have helped thousands of patients scoliosis. This has earned them the distinction of being the most experienced SpineCor Providers in the United States.

The SpineCor brace is a dynamic tension scoliosis brace. It’s unique design works on “Corrective Movement Principles” that gently encourages the body’s corrective movement patterns provides outstanding results in relieving scoliosis symptoms and in many cases stopping progression or even improving curvatures.

Actress Ashley Argota who plays Lulu on the Nickelodeon’s hit TV show “True Jackson VP” was a patient of ours. She what she has to say about her results with our Spine Cor Corrective Movement Principle scoliosis treatment program.

Other patients have noted similar experiences. See dozens of other patient share their success stories on Youtube at Scoldoc.

2. Are the Scoliosis Exercises Specific for Your Curve Pattern?

If you examine what is different about scoliosis you’ll understand why scoliosis exercise is different from almost all other type of exercises. Scoliosis is a unilateral rotation dysfunction of the body, which simply means that it is twisted in one direction. As a result, it requires a very specific rehabilitative exercises in the opposite direction in each region of the spine that is affected to correct the rotation dysfunction. Doing exercises in the same direction as the rotation dysfunction only re-enforces the curvature and actually worsens curvatures! Knowing the difference is key, which is why we recommend only one type of therapeutic scoliosis exercise for our patients.

Schroth Method scoliosis exercises were designed specifically for the non-surgical reduction of scoliosis. Developed over 80 years ago in Germany they continue to be the Gold Standard of scoliosis treatment throughout much of Europe.

The Schroth Method has just recently been introduced in the U.S. and our Doctors are among a handful of Schroth Certified Instructors in the country.

3. Scoliosis treatments that address specific causes of scoliosis that are backed by research?

Patients come to us because we specialize in scoliosis treatment and we find our patients usually do their research and due diligence before they come on as patients. What we hear time and time again is they they made that choice because our treatments are based on the latest scoliosis research. You’re Invites to Learn More About Scoliosis. Take a deeper look at our site and you find the same thing. The research backs up our methods.

We’ve also formed a non-profit organization called the Scoliosis Care Foundation to help people better understand non-surgical, evidence based scoliosis treatment options. This Foundation is dedicated to supporting the scientific research into
1. Scoliosis Causes

2. Scoliosis Detection

3. Non-Surgical Correction of Scoliosis


4. Minimize Exposure to Harmful Radiation

Some X-rays are necessary to adequately monitor scoliosis so exposure to radiation cannot be fully eliminated but it can certainly be reduced. To do this we use device called a Formetric Rastersterography . It can measure progress of scoliosis curvatures without the use of x-rays or harmful. It has been used extensively in Europe for over 20 years to monitor scoliosis. It is also used by as a highly accurate tool in universities and research clinics. The Formetic allows us to reduce x-ray exposure to our patients over the course of their care by up to 75%!

5. Treating Scoliosis Utilizing the Latest Advanced Technology

Research in scoliosis has made some huge advances lately; with some of the most revealing work in the field of pediatric. While most experts in the field of scoliosis suspected an underlying neurological factor in scoliosis, only recently have studies have begun to point to the upper cervical spine as being a possible source.

The spine the top vertebra is called the Atlas because sits directly underneath the skull and provides support. Because of this precarious balancing act, a small amount of misalignment of this bone here can lead pressure to the delicate brainstem and cerebellum and pressure will adversely affect their function. In some cases, imbalances to this portion of the nervous system can contribute greatly to worsening scoliosis.

We utilize Atlas Orthogonal (AO) as the treatment of choice to reduce any misalignment of these segments and restore their proper alignment to reduce the pressure to the brain that is adding to scoliosis. This treatment utilizes an Orthogonal Device and gently and painlessly re-positions the Atlas. In order to calculate misalignment of the Atlas precise x-rays are taken of the area. Any misalignment appearing to contribute to your scoliosis may be recommended for a specialized evaluation.

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Dr. Marc Lamantia, D.C.


Dr. Marc Lamantia, D.C.

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  1. What’s up Dr. Lamantia? I wanted to stop by and say hello. Thanks for all your help with my scoliosis. I am so glad you guys are around for adults like me who were wrecked with pain from their scoliosis but didn’t want to take drugs or do surgery. Now I can live my life normally again.


  2. Dr. Lamantia,

    I must express my personal appreciation for your kind-hearted assistance in helping me relieve my scoliosis pain. Your actual resolve for helping those of us with scoliosis go through the process of taking control of their scoliosis is incredible. You guys are particularly informative and although I know you regularly assist people like me, with scoliosis, don’t think for a moment that you not changing lives for the better, because you are. Many thanks a ton.


  3. My extensive internet investigation for alternative scoliosis treatment has lead me to you. I would like to ask a couple of questions about my particular case of scoliosis to see if it’s not too late to help me at 52 years of age.

  4. I wanted to share my story about my scoliosis journey so others who may have also been told it is too late for them to do anything about their scoliosis can have hope. I am a 60 year old woman who has had scoliosis related back pain for over 8 years that was so severe it would wake me up at night. I couldn’t do anything physical, sometimes even just sitting or standing bothered me. I wasn’t sleeping, I was in pain all the time. I was a mess.

    The worst part was that my doctors could only offer me pain medication and were reluctant to do surgery because of my age. So I sought treatment with a chiropractor. The adjustments helped provide me with some temporary relief but it wasn’t long lasting. I spoke to my chiropractor who confirmed in my case of severe scoliosis the adjustments were only a temporary solution. He suggested that for more long lasting relief I go see the scoliosis specialists Dr. Marc Lamantia and Dr. Gary Deutchman at SpineCor Specialists of Phoenix.

    I must admit I had my doubts. How could this help a 58 year old woman with a very severe scoliosis ? I was desperate for help so I made an appointment for a consultation.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I met the doctors, they were very detailed in their examination and explained everything to me. They said mine was not an easy case but they did feel that if I was willing to commit to following through with all their recommendations that they could help me with their scoliosis treatment by using a SpineCor scoliosis brace and some scoliosis exercises.

    So I started the program that day. They fit me for the SpineCor brace and I got to take it home that same day. They also showed me some scoliosis exercises. I walked out of there with my head spinning from all the new things I learned and felt hopeful for the first time in a long time that I had found something that would work for treating my scoliosis.

    While I didn’t notice an immediate benefit I was true to my word and was diligent with the exercises and wearing my brace as best as I could. I did have some ups and downs but
    Slowly over time my scoliosis began to respond. At my 6 month check up the doctors told me that all my hard work had been paying off and that by bottom curvature improved 11 degrees!

    While that was great, what was even better was the fact that I no longer had any pain or muscle spasm! I was now sleeping through the night and not waking up due to back pain. My energy level skyrocketed too!

    After a year and a half I have completed the program and am doing much, much better. While I still can’t do everything of course I can do most of the things I really enjoy in life and for the first time in a very long time I am not taking any prescription pain medication! This has truly changed my life for the better.

    If you are an adult who is suffering with scoliosis pain you owe it to yourself to see these wonderful doctors for a consultation to see if their scoliosis treatments can help you too.

  5. I found out that I had scoliosis when I was 16 years old. At the time the doctors told me that there wasn’t really much that could be done for it, just keep dancing like I was. So I did that.

    As the years went by it got worse and started to become painful so I wanted to do something about it. I went to an orthopedist who told me take Advil and put some ice on it. He told me a hard brace wasn’t really an option for me unless I was old. I was disappointed that they had nothing else to offer me.

    So I did some research and I found Dr. Deutchman on the internet. I contacted them and I have been coming to them for 9 months now. I hate to admit it but I don’t wear the brace as much as Dr. Deutchman would like me to but even so I have had some great improvement.

    The SpineCor brace is pretty easy to hide under my cloths. It doesn’t’ hurt at all to wear, in fact, it helps by back feel better.

    I started out at 38 degrees of curvature and now I am at 32 degrees. I was told as an adult that should be impossible but it’s not. Here I am. It has been a great experience overall and I would highly recommend it for adult scoliosis. I wish I had started it a long time ago.

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