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Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine curves in an abnormal spiral manner. This condition affects over seven million people in the United States. Although this condition may not be noticed early on, without treatment it can often progress to the point where it will severely impact the life of the person affected. Because the spine is curving in a way that it shouldn’t, in severe cases it can eventually push down and displace organs, leading to a hunched-over appearance and a back hump, as well as chronic pain and profound disability.

Fortunately, scoliosis can be easily detected early on in a person’s development and if caught early before it progresses too far, it can be successfully treated and surgery for scoliosis can be avoided. This is a very lengthy and potentially dangerous operation involves a lengthy hospital stay and with all the post op rehab altogether tends to cost over $100,000.

Most people only want to consider surgery as an option of last resort. The standard of care for curvatures over 25 degrees of scoliosis curvatures is hard bracing. Bracing involves wearing a “turtle shell -like” hard back brace during the growing years to try and stabilize the curvatures of the spine of the child. These static three point pressure braces are very uncomfortable to wear and tend to be quite noticeable but they are often presented as the only alternative to scoliosis surgery.

Traditional back braces were made out of a hard plastic shell. This leads to a near immobility of the patient’s torso. This can have unwanted side effects as the person will be unable to use most of their muscles for a prolonged period of time. Side effects can include decreased body awareness, atrophy of spinal muscles, and lack of muscle control. Traditional braces, also, are not generally recommended for use with adult scoliosis.

SpineCor - The Dynamic Corrective Scoliosis BraceThe Spine Cor Brace is a flexible brace for use in correcting the curvature of the spine for people affected by scoliosis. Unlike the traditional hard brace, this type of a brace can be used by adults as well as children. This brace is also adjustable, meaning that the doctor can personalize it to respond to a particular patient’s needs.

This brace is constructed of elastic components. This allows the patient to have a large degree of movement. While it is much freer than the traditional hard brace, this brace doesn’t just keep the curvatures from worsening, it applies corrective, three-dimensional forces to the patient’s spine helping it move toward correction. This brace is far easier to wear than the hard plastic shell and can fit easily under clothing.

Due to the flexibility of the Spine Cor Brace, the patient can participate in a variety of physical activities, such as sports. We also provide a comprehensive rehabilitative program that includes such things as Schroth Method of scoliosis exercises to help actively correct the scoliosis curvatures. By combining these corrective movement exercises with the dynamic tension brace our programs can help both children and adults regain the normal range of movements and normal curvature of their spine.

Scoliosis can be a difficult condition to deal with, but the unique design of the dynamic corrective Spine Cor Brace can help to keep the scoliosis from progressing to the point where surgery is their only option. For the adult use of the Spine Cor brace can be the difference from living on pain medications and living life pain free without pharmaceuticals.